How We Began:

We made the decision during 2019, at the start of the Covid epidemic – like many families did – that it would make the most sense for one of us to herd our two, spastic squirrels full-time. And like most things TJ does, he went all in and owned the stay-at-home dad (SAHD) role like a rock star: instantly taking over most family duties, wrangling our kiddos, and becoming a fabulous chef in the process.

Now nearly four years later,  as our children are older and need slightly less herding, an idea for SAHD Projects formed: What if we could make being a SAHD a more common role and less shocking to society? What if other dads didn’t have to defend their families’ decisions? Putting the focus on the father(-figure) involvement and how awesome that can be.  How rewarding and fulfilling it can be to be the heart of the family unit, and how taking the pressure off the moms out there can make parenting enjoyable (mostly) again.  

It would be wicked cool, of course. Re-writing an age-old, history of toxic-masculinity in America!


But we decided to make quirky, funny, silly t-shirts instead.

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Coming soon!

More Products to Come

We plan to add more types of products (for the kitchen, home, and office) to the website, in addition to our super-soft t-shirts.
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Projects Blog


Since we're new to this space, we'll begin to post new projects, recommendations, how-tos and recipes in the near future!